AdkNurse Theresa's Private Duty Nursing Care
AdkNurse  Theresa's Private Duty Nursing Care

Individualized Nursing Care for Your Loved One

Individualized and quality care provided to your loved ones.  Your loved one is the boss!  


The customer is always first.  Provide me with details of what your loved one needs are and we work from their collaboratively to meet those needs.  Patient education is offered in hopes to empower more feedback from your loved one and keeping them out of the hospital or long term care facilities and in their home longer.  I work with any individual without discrimination.  We can discuss the needs, nursing care rendered and fees at the time of notification.  Each type of nursing care is different and so fees may trend from each case.


I have 27 years as being a Registered Nurse and more recently received my BSN.  I am currently in pursuit of my MSN and CLNC.  As one can see education is my friend and is very important to me.  Mostly, my nursing career has taken me in the path of critical care nursing, long term care and Rehabilitation nursing.  I have had my hands in the nitty gritty of nursing.  


I will offer you the best nursing care I have endured over the past years of nursing.  I will give the best advice and offer new ways of providing for you.  It is up to you now.  My service is not free but is the best of the best.  I will care for you like family.  I am a compassionate and efficient nurse and take my work seriously.  I will do everything in my power to keep you home for as long as possible.  My hours very according to my patients needs.  I am willing to travel to get the job done.  Please continue to view my website and contact me with your needs.  Discuss this with your physician and family and see if skilled nursing would benefit you.

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